Floor Plans

Bucket B Café Bucket B Café
Fit Arch Fit Arch
Hair Zone by Michael Poh Hair Zone by Michael Poh
Hanna Medispa Damansara Hanna Medispa Damansara
Harvey Norman Harvey Norman
Popular Popular
Scoopy Loopy Scoopy Loopy
Spotlight Spotlight
Sumptuous Desserts Sumptuous Desserts
The Pet Safari The Pet Safari
Toys “R” Us Toys “R” Us
Urban Write Urban Write
Wafflelicious Wafflelicious
Young Chefs Academy Young Chefs Academy
Escalator 02 - l2
Escalator 02 - L2
Escalator L2
Lifllift l2
Men toilet 02 -l2
Men-toilet -L2
Nursing room 01  L2
Nursing room 02 - L2
wheelchair l2
Wheelchair-friendly-Toilet - L2
woman -toilet - L2
Outlet Outlet
Facilities Facilities
Lift / Escalator / Staircase Lift / Escalator / Staircase
Emergency Exit Emergency Exit
Auto Pay Auto Pay
i-Counter i-Counter
Escalator Escalator
Lift Lift
Free IPC Shuttle Bus Free IPC Shuttle Bus
Prayer’s Room Prayer’s Room
Women’s Toilet Women’s Toilet
Men’s Toilet Men’s Toilet
Nursing Room Nursing Room
Wheelchair-friendly Toilet Wheelchair-friendly Toilet
Car Park Bay Car Park Bay
Female Car Park Bay Female Car Park Bay
Bicycle Parking Bicycle Parking