Floor Plans

i-alter i-alter
Mister Minit Mister Minit
Thule Thule
Auto Pay 01 - LG2
Auto Pay 02 - LG2
Car-Park-Bay 01 - LG2
Car-Park-Bay 02 - LG2
Car-Park-Bay 03 - LG2
Escalator - LG2
LiftLift - LG2
LiftLift 02 - LG2
Outlet Outlet
Emergency Staircase Emergency Staircase
Entrance / Exit Entrance / Exit
Recycling and Buy-Back center Recycling and Buy-Back center
Firt Aid room Firt Aid room
ATM-teller Machine ATM-teller Machine
Auto Pay Machine Auto Pay Machine
i-Counter i-Counter
Escalator Escalator
Lift Lift
Shuttle Bus Shuttle Bus
Male Surau Male Surau
Female Surau Female Surau
Female Toilet Female Toilet
Male Toilet Male Toilet
Family Room Family Room
Disabled toilet Disabled toilet
Parking Parking
Ladies Parking Ladies Parking
Bicycle Parking Bicycle Parking
Motocycle Parking Motocycle Parking